WWE-Cardinals Doppelgangers

With the Royal Rumble taking place tonight, it offers the perfect excuse to compare and match some of the wrestlers from WWE with the roster of the St. Louis Cardinals. For some it is a physical resemblance, others it may be their personality or role. Regardless, here are some of the Cardinals-WWE doppelgangers.

Kolten Wong…Rey Mysterio
Let’s be honest, this is the easiest doppelganger match to make. In fact, if it weren’t for the tattoos to say otherwise, we may not be able to prove they aren’t the same guy.

Mysterio flies around the ring and Wong flies around second base. Actually, can Rey do a standing back flip? Kolten can.

Mike Matheny…John Cena

Talk with either of these men individually and it’s hard not to come away impressed. Both are known for their high character and charitable efforts. Both have their diehard fans with unquestionable loyalty. Both have their detractors that blame them for everything under the sun.

In between, there are those who appreciate what they bring to the table but also realize both have their own faults and weaknesses like the rest of us.

Tommy Pham…Roman Reigns

While the recent ascent of Tommy Pham to starting centerfielder didn’t happen as quickly as the promotion for Reigns to the main WWE roster, there is a shared confidence in their abilities.

Similar to Reigns, Pham is now moving into a main event spot with the Cardinals and some fans want to see more before they get fully on board. Good news, nobody expects more from Tommy Pham than himself and Reigns appears to have that same kind of motivation.

Ten years from now, where will both men stand in their respective franchise histories??

Matt Carpenter…Damien Sandow

Granted, Sandow–Aaron Stevens, has taken a break from working in the ring to focus on an acting career. But just me or is there a doppelganger resemblance between the former Money in the Bank winner and Carpenter?

John Brebbia…Braun Strowman

No, the Cards reliever isn’t 6’8 and weighing in at nearly 400lbs, but his beard provides every bit of the same mojo as the WWE strongman.

Luke Voit…Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

The fancy coif aside, the barrel-chested Voit looked right at home in the tights for the rookies dress-up day last year. Plus, he delivered the money catchphrase “Bombs and Doubles” in his very first “promo” with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Paul DeJong…Finn Balor

As leader of the Balor Club, Finn . There’s no one leader for the “Memphis Mashers” as they were described last season, but DeJong is looked to by Harrison Bader, Carson Kelly, Voit, and others for his maturity and calm approach. Neither is the biggest guy on the roster, but Balor was the first-ever WWE Universal Champion and DeJong put up a combined 38 home runs last year. Now if he flips the collar on his jacket…

Adam Wainwright…Matt Hardy

Okay, they look nothing alike. That said, Matt Hardy is the crafty veteran who has continued to find ways to re-invent himself and stay relevant despite injuries, promotion changes, and more over the last couple of decades. Wainwright has equally starred in the main event but over the last couple of years has been forced to find new ways and adjustments to “delete” opponents. Both also provide a mentorship role behind the scenes. And based on Waino’s pics from Halloween, he’s not lacking in creativity. These Southern boys (Georgia and North Carolina) may be more kindred spirits than realized.

Jedd Gyorko…Kevin Owens

You won’t likely find either of these guys throwing around the weights in a gym. And while their physiques may not look the same as other elite athletes, they’ve both made it to the big leagues and produced. Owens may have a larger role with his team, but Gyorko has put up the 30 home runs and some of the defensive metrics show he played a better third base than many have given credit for. 2018 could provide big opportunity for both of these men.

Who’s missing from this list? Holler at me on Twitter–@StullySTL and maybe we’ll roll out an updated list for WrestleMania…

photo credit: WWE; Bill Greenblatt-UPI; Aaron Doster, Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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