Wong Ready for the Now

It has been nearly a full year–Game 4 of the World Series, October 27, 2013.  Down by two runs with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, rookie Kolten Wong was called on to pinch-run for Allen Craig. Instead of scoring to prolong the game, Wong was picked off at first base as his foot slipped trying to dive back into the bag.

Trying to keep things in perspective, Wong would later say he welcomed the chance to erase that moment with a great play in a future World Series for the Cardinals. He gets his first chance at another postseason game tonight in Game 2 of the NLDS.

“What happened last year, it’s last year,” said Wong recently. “I’m not going to sit back and think about it. I got picked off. I know that–I know that it’s not the first time I got picked off nor will it be the last. This year, moving on, I’m just excited to play, excited to be a part of it– a little more a part of it than I was last year and try to contribute to win.”

Wong reached another goal this season, stealing 20 bases to lead the Cardinals in that category.

“That was–20 it’s a good number, but I wanted to definitely be higher. Unfortunately for me, I got hurt and also sent down so it definitely hurt some of my numbers. But I’m happy with the season, how it went and how I finished it.”

“You got a lot of catchers who can throw really well,” added Wong. “A lot of pitchers who can hold you on really well and have good pickoff moves. For me, it was a good learning experience–definitely understanding how I can pick my times to steal and be successful at it.”


Matt Carpenter 3B

Jon Jay CF

Matt Holliday LF

Matt Adams 1B

Jhonny Peralta SS

Yadier Molina C

Kolten Wong 2B

Randal Grichuk RF

Lance Lynn RHP

photo credit:  Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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