Wong Keeping the Bucket

As the St. Louis Cardinals spilled onto the field to celebrate last night’s 3-2 walk off win over the Chicago White Sox, Kolten Wong charged forward with the iced water cooler, aiming for Yadier Molina. He fell short of his target, instead nearly tripping and having the majority of liquid land on Jose Martinez.

It was the second consecutive walk-off that Wong missed his initial target, having Dexter Fowler escape his plan a few days ago. But undeterred, the second baseman is not planning to change his strategy.

“Nope, not at all,” smiled Wong. “I told these guys when I came in, don’t even think about taking the ice bucket away–that’s my job. I’m going to continue to do it how I’m doing it. I think maybe just a wider base might help, but for the most part, hey, it is what is–a heavy cooler.”

“I think next time we need to change,” laughed the 6’6 Martinez. “I’m the one who can go like this, he has to actually jump to get everybody. We need to trade. I think it’s a better idea for me to do that.”

“It’s so funny, coming up I’m 5’7 and I’m coming up on all these tall dudes,” continued Wong. “When I’m throwing that water, I’m just like I’m going to throw it on the crowd and see who gets wet. So it’s funny. I came in and I was like make sure, everybody better be on their toes when I’m coming with the water bucket. I’m not just going for just the guy who had the winning hit, I’m going for everybody.”

Martinez shared he doesn’t mind getting the ice shower–just as long as there’s warm weather.

“That’s perfect, I’ll take it every time,” said Martinez. “If it’s 30 degrees, I think I’m not going to be around him.”

Social media has been replaying the clip and former teammates such as Randal Grichuk have also weighed in to give Wong trouble.

“Everyone, it’s been a good time,” said Wong. “Nothing but good things. Guys have been really funny about it. Fans have been really funny about it. It’s just been a fun time. You don’t mean to do things like that, but when it happens it’s all in good fun and you’ve just got to go and enjoy it and let people do what they want to do.”

And Wong realizes that he’s in line for payback–which is something he will gladly accept.

“I figure there’s going to be a time I have a walk-off hit and guys are going to come after me,” said Wong. “I hope that’s true, that’d be amazing.”

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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