Wainwright To Begin Throwing

On hand to show his support for Carlos Martinez’ Tsunami Waves 4th Annual Celebrity Bowling Event, Adam Wainwright rolled a strike on his second last frame and had a chance to win the game, only to throw a pair of gutter balls. But that was left-handed.

“I’m usually a little better than that left-handed,” smiled Wainwright, who has thrown a 186 as a southpaw. “The first game is getting warmed up, the second game is my best game, and the third game I’m tired and ready to go home.”

He then backed up his theory by throwing a spare in the next frame before updating the status of his right arm.

“I’m feeling very good,” said Wainwright. “I feel, gosh, so confident–more than I have in years about my arm right now. Start ramping up throwing real soon here and we’ll just see where it goes, but I feel really good about where I’m headed.”

The “real soon” to begin throwing is literally just a couple of days away.

“Monday,” shared Wainwright. “I’m excited…I’ve been throwing heavy balls this week. This is just the next step forward and then we’ll see where it goes from there.”

The optimism is due in part to positive results thus far from a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma ) injection about two weeks ago.

“I think this PRP shot may have done the trick, we’ll see,” said Wainwright.

And as for the latest round of his prank war with Skip Schumaker, Waino wasn’t ready to give too much praise for the decals applied to the outside of his vehicle.

“That was child’s play,” he scoffed. “That was easy stuff. I was going to have his car completely painted over, but he’s already done the car, so I can’t do car now. But I was going to take it way farther than that, so I’m glad he just did the sticker. Imagine he comes to his car and it’s just a big rainbow. You know, for Hawaii.”

photo credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

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