Wainwright Injured, Harris Debuts

Backed by three double plays,  Adam Wainwright had struck out four batters and faced the minimum through four innings on Saturday night. His outing was cut short, however, due to an injury while batting.

Wainwright popped up a 1-2 pitch towards first base and has he was stepping off his left foot into his run out of the batters box, pulled up in pain.

“Yeah, crazy–wasn’t even going that hard,” shared Wainwright afterwards on the FSN postgame broadcast. “Saw that it was in play, so I started to run and my foot just shut down on me. So, gave me a cool walking-boot to use for the next couple of days and we’ll get home to St. Louis and check it out and see what happens.”

While the Cardinals and Wainwright are both rightfully refusing to speculate, the injury is being described in a similar fashion to other athletes who have suffered an Achilles injury.

“I thought I got hit by something,” said Wainwright, who confirmed it was the back of his ankle. “If you look at the replay, I get out of the box and I looked back to think the catcher’s mask must of hit me or the bat must’ve hit me, something must’ve hit me.”

The injury led to the Major League debut of Mitch Harris, who becomes the first Naval graduate to pitch in the big leagues since Nemo Gaines did so for the Washington Senators in 1921.

Harris struck out Adam Lind as the first batter he faced, then allowed two hits and two walks in 1.2 innings of work.


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