Video: Heyward on Extension, #22

With an event on Friday and the Winter Warm-Up today, Jason Heyward is all smiles thus far into his first experience with the St. Louis Cardinals.

So does this initial good feeling have enough power for the outfielder to forgo free agency and sign a contract extension before the season ends?

“For me, I hope I love it so much I won’t have to leave,” smiled Heyward. “That’s the way you want to love your job. I love the game of baseball. For me, I’m always going to go out there and give 110% and I feel like if I love it that much, then it’s a good fit.”

Besides his contract and where he’ll bat in the lineup–he’s open to anywhere Mike Matheny writes him in–Heyward also shared the background story of why uniform #22 is important to him…

At Friday’s event, Heyward received his #22 uniform from Matheny and also presented his new manager with a #26 uniform.

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