Translating the Sale Trade

There are multiple reports of pitcher Chris Sale being traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Boston Red Sox today. What would the St. Louis Cardinals have had to move if they traded the same ranking of prospects to have made the same deal?

Here’s what prospect/ranking the White Sox received in return for Sale:

1. Yoan Moncada, SS

5. Michael Kopech, RHP

8. Luis Basabe, OF

28. Victor Diaz, RHP

For the Cardinals that equates to:

1. Alex Reyes, RHP

2. Delvin Perez, SS

8. Junior Fernandez, RHP

28. Walker Robbins, OF

The debate could be strong for both sides–Sale is a proven commodity, a legit Cy Young contender with three years of control left on his current deal. For Reyes, he showed all the glimpses in his short debut last season of why the sky is the limit–for much longer than three years. Small picture, big picture. Win big now, win bigger and maybe more often later.

For the record, the Cardinals never seemed to be players for Sale.

That being said, with him being moved, it does open the door for the White Sox to move several of their other players as they begin a major rebuild. And among those players, outfielder Adam “Spanky” Eaton does fit the profile for what St. Louis is looking for.

photo credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports



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