Tougher PED Penalties

In a story first reported by the Associated Press, Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association could announce increased penalties and other changes to their PED policy as early as this Sunday.

Besides speaking on pitchers wearing helmets on the mound, MLBPA President Tony Clark also addressed the PED-penalty subject during a media session after the St. Louis Cardinals union meeting in Jupiter, Florida earlier this month.

“Every offseason, unlike the CBA, we have an opportunity to address—in order to improve the program in general,” said Clark. “The player engagement and involvement on any of the issues we’ve been addressing this offseason from start to finish has been tremendous. You have guys on one end of the spectrum, guys on the other end of the spectrum and everywhere in between but inevitably getting that input has been outstanding in helping us shape what makes the most sense, in this instance, for the joint drug agreement going forward.”

According to the report, besides increasing the penalty for a first-time offense there is also consideration being given to lowering the penalty for inadvertent positive testing—with the example being given as Guillermo Mota, who tested positive in 2012 after using cough syrup with Clenbuterol.

“We’ve had conversations for some time now and will continue to have them,” furthered Clark. “So with respect to penalties or any other moving parts, when we sit down and we talk about the joint drug agreement we are addressing every area that we think needs to be addressed in order to have the most effective, the most efficient program we can have.”

The loophole which will allow Alex Rodriguez to earn approximately $4 million as he serves his suspension is also reportedly going to be eliminated.

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