#TheDress Debate

(Jupiter, FL) Waking up on Friday morning, the social media phenomenon of #TheDress was everywhere–Mike and Mike, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and more. It was also a hot topic in the St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse.

“I have no idea what’s up with it,” said Jason Heyward, who does not buy into the two picture conspiracy. “I don’t know why or what–no clue. But when you look at it though, the one I thought was black and blue and the one Carp thought was black and blue, other people were saying it’s not black and blue.”

The Dress“I’m a white and gold guy,” stated Matt Adams. “But everybody says it’s black and blue, so I must not have that good of eyes. I don’t know, mine was strictly white and gold.”

#TheDress  was posted on Tumblr by Caitlin McNeill, a Scottish singer for the band Canach. She saw the dress at a wedding she performed at and later noticed a picture appeared different. She placed a copy of the picture online and since it’s posting, a viral debate has ensued over what the true color of the dress is.

“It’s black and blue,” confidently answered Marco Gonzales. “I read an article this morning that kind of explains scientifically why it’s back and forth, I’m holding strong black and blue.”

Some are even seeing different variations than the black and blue or white and gold.

“I saw blue and gold,” answered Jaime Garcia. “Me and Mark Reynolds and a couple of other guys said blue and gold. A lot of guys are seeing black and blue. There’s just a lot of different–Rosey saw purple.”

“It was like a light purple, yeah,” confirmed Rosenthal. “I don’t know too much about it, they just asked me. I saw purple and gold. A light, purplish tint.”

“White and gold, for sure,” said Michael Wacha, who was surprised to learn the true color of #TheDress….which is indeed, black and blue.

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