The Big 50

Whether or not you are a St. Louis Cardinals fan that is young or old, there’s a very good chance that you will be familiar with most if not all of the moments of The Big 50: The St. Louis Cardinals, a new offering from Benjamin Hochman. But while you may know the moments, Hochman provides a twist–sharing new perspectives on how individuals experienced those moments with their own unique stories.

For instance, Jon Hamm was racing on and off the set of Mad Men to watch the 2011 World Series as one of his co-stars was a Texas Rangers fan. Nearby in Hollywood, Jenna Fischer and Phyllis Smith were sneaking off the set of The Office to listen to games on a car radio.

In The Big 50, Hochman also talks to an expert on acrobats about the prowess of Ozzie Smith, shares the story of the souvenir David Howard received from teammate Willie McGee, and the one role Stan the Man was never able to fill. Hornsby, Gibson, Red, Whitey, Edmonds, McGwire, Shannon–names and moments from every era make the list.

Below Benjamin discusses several of the different moments captured in his book…

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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