Siegrist Resumes Throwing

(Busch Stadium) St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kevin Siegrist shared everything went well in his throwing session this afternoon–his first time throwing since being placed on the disabled list with a cervical spine sprain on June 23rd.

“It’s just a disc that is inflamed,” explained Siegrist. “Just gets the nerve irritated so, when the nerve’s irritated obviously it doesn’t send the right signals out to your arm and your muscles. It’s kind of like your arm is confused, I’m guessing. My arm wouldn’t recover. I know when my arm feels good, what I can do. I was trying to get through it, trying to throw through it, I just couldn’t anymore.”

Prior to being placed on the disabled list, Siegrist struggled with his fastball location and velocity, having to pitch “backwards” in a sense with more changeups and curveballs. He dealt with a similar situation a couple of seasons ago.

“Yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing,” said Siegrist. “I tried to manage it and it flared up on me the beginning of the year. I just tried to manage it then and it just progressively kind of got worse. There’s always a plan in place to take care of it, just had to do it a little sooner than I wanted to.”

Taking care of it translated to getting an injection prior to the Cardinals leaving for their road trip to Arizona.

“There’s really nothing you can do other than the epidural and just staying on top of it and not aggravating it again,” said Siegrist. “It could be just one throw, it could be over time. I don’t know. I had the same thing in 2014 and it came back two years later. It could be another two years, five years, it could just be something I have to deal with.”

Since receiving the injection, Siegrist calls it “a night and day difference” and is confident that he will be able to regain his velocity as his arm gets stronger.

“I would pitch in games and kind of have an extreme dead arm feeling where I don’t feel anything,” he said.  “It’s like weak. Then later that night, my arm would start hurting in certain spots and it just wouldn’t recover on a day to day basis. I could get three days off and maybe feel good, but I just don’t know. It was something I had to get fixed.”

Grip strength was never an issue, the weakness was based around his shoulder and trapezius region.

It is unclear whether or not Siegrist will need a rehab assignment before being activated from the disabled list, which he will be eligible to return from on Monday.

photo credit: Scott Kane, Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

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