Shildt Not Discouraged

(Busch Stadium) After watching his St. Louis Cardinals be swept by the Chicago Cubs over the weekend, manager Mike Shildt shared he was disappointed but not discouraged.

“We got outscored, I can debate whether we got outplayed but ultimately, it’s the scoreboard,” Shildt said. “We understand it’s not a ‘try’ league. It’s not about moral victories or anything like that. We understand, we lost all three games.”

The Cardinals allowed a grand slam on back-to-back games and were outscored by Chicago 23-10 over the weekend.

“Thinking about it after the game, clearly, it was a group that was frustrated with how the series went–including myself,” Shildt continued. “Just talking to a guy last night, one of the guys on the team, and I said you know what I’d be really discouraged about? If we had a group that wasn’t very talented. That would discourage me. If we had a group that didn’t have winning habits, that would discourage me. If we had a group that didn’t have a common goal, that would be pretty discouraging. If we had a group that wasn’t committed everyday to competing and preparation, that would discourage me. The reality is, we don’t have that group. We have a group with fantastic habits.”

Shildt then pointed to the ninth inning of last night’s loss as a prime example of those habits.

“We’re down 13-2 and Matt Carpenter gets a base hit and reads a ball in the outfield and busts it to second base,” Shildt continued. “Paul DeJong hits a homer, Ozuna hits a homer, and guys consistently continue to take good at-bats and play the game right. So, winning habits. Talented team. Guys really prepared. Guys compete well and guys have a common goal. Best record in baseball going into the series, but it didn’t work out for us. Again, we don’t like it but my frustration level is small to the fact because I’m much more confident in what we do have.”

The Cardinals had not been swept by Chicago since September of 2017 (at Wrigley Field) and this is only the second series the team has been swept since Shildt took over as manager.


–Making his first rehab appearance, Carlos Martinez recorded a scoreless fifth inning for the Peoria Chiefs (A) in their 11-3 victory over Bowling Green on Sunday. Martinez threw a total of six pitches (five strikes) as all three batters he faced grounded out.

“I’ll take three outs on six pitches every day,” Shildt chuckled. “No, it was great for Carlos. We’re happy for him.”

Martinez will next play catch at Busch Stadium and then move his rehab to Memphis (AAA), where he is expected to pitch on Wednesday.

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