Rotation Set for NLCS

The St. Louis Cardinals will keep their starting rotation the same as they move on to the National League Championship Series.

“Adam Wainwright’s our starter, that’s where we’ll be,” began Matheny. “Basically, it will look very similar with Lance Lynn and then John Lackey and Shelby will be ready.”

Wainwright had a throwing session on Thursday and his manager was asked if there should be any concern regarding the right-hander.

“There were some things taken out of context and blown up probably more than what they needed to be,” said Matheny. “It was a statement of basically just the obvious–that Lance Lynn would be on regular rest in case something didn’t look right, feel right. And stating the obvious too that Waino was struggling to find a good feel that Game 1 and that’s why it looked very a-typical of Adam Wainwright. But that’s happened at different times throughout our season and he’s been able to bounce back and figure it out and make it work–not just make it work, be an elite pitcher. He’s fine. We’ll just watch him close like we do everybody else and take it from there.”

Admitting there “possibly” could be some roster changes before the NLCS, Matheny will make those announcements on Friday.

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