Rosenthal Ready to Go

(Busch Stadium) It may not be tomorrow, but St. Louis Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal now feels ready to return from the disabled list.

“Probably not tonight, but see how I recover,” he said after striking two of the three batters he faced in a live bullpen session. Brayan Pena flied out and then Alberto Rosario and Tommy Pham were unable to connect on their pitches.

“It was more than just to the work to the hitters,” continued Rosenthal. “I was paying attention the whole time and focusing on my mechanics and being able to repeat over and over again and get that same result. I was able to do it for probably 25 straight minutes right there–just repeating my delivery and having the ball come out the way I wanted to, so I was happy with it.”

Confident he will not need to face hitters again before getting into a game, Rosenthal is equally excited about throwing pain free after dealing with the previous discomfort all season.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at St. Louis Cardinals“With that forearm stiffness and strain that I was feeling, it wasn’t fun,” he said. “Obviously, it wasn’t a whole lot of time so I’m still working on getting that strength–getting that game conditioning back. That’s still coming and I’m looking forward to the off-season, next year I’ll have a good idea how to prepare for that. Right now, I want to do what I can to try and help the team.”

Having recorded 107 saves over the last three seasons, Rosenthal offers a variety of options for Mike Matheny out of the bullpen.

“Depends on what we have, the situation that we’re in,” said Matheny. “We’ve got a lot of young pitchers here. If we’ve got some of the veteran guys that are a little beat up here, obviously we’d have a little bit more of a role in that particular situation but we’ll just kind of see how it develops.”

Veteran depth will also come in the form of Michael Wacha, who shared yesterday he expects to be activated tomorrow. Matheny said he “wouldn’t fight that plan” but wanted to wait and see how the right-hander feels tomorrow.

“Excited to throw him into the mix–also a guy who can get lefties out and has,” said Matheny. “A little more versatile in that regard. Another guy we’ll get in there when we can and see how it looks.”

photo credit: Bill Greenblatt/UPI, Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

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