Rosenthal Optimistic After Surgery

(Busch Stadium) It has been less than two weeks since Trevor Rosenthal underwent Tommy John surgery, but the smile and optimism for his return to the mound was evident as he visited with coaches and teammates in the St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse before today’s game.

“When they go in there, sometimes they can see other things and they might have to do other stuff–fortunately, there was nothing else in there,” said Rosenthal, who had the procedure on August 30th. “(Dr. Neal ElAttrache) said my elbow was super clean and everything was fine. They just repaired the ligament.”

Things went so well with the surgery that they were able to use graft of the tendon from Rosenthal’s arm, rather than take one from his leg.

“He thought it was one of the best he had worked with,” stated Rosenthal. “So good that he almost had the anesthesiologist take a picture of it.”

“Four weeks after Tuesday, I’m pretty much going to be able to have full range of motion,” shared Rosenthal. “Being careful on flexion and just giving that time before I stretch it because he wants it to be really tight when I do start throwing again…

And while an exact time frame has yet to be determined, Rosenthal is more than optimistic by what the doctor shared.

“I’ll be throwing here soon and after Christmas we’ll be ramping up a throwing program,” said Rosenthal. “Three to four months after the surgery, you’re starting to throw.”

“He was pretty confident with how everything went, how my elbow looks–my elbow was so clean other than just the ligament that he thought I’d be feeling really good, like really soon. He’s like, at the 7-month mark I’ll be feeling really, really good.”

Seven months would translate to April.

“That’s the advantage of doing it when we did it,” smiled Rosenthal. “Get a head start instead of waiting and drawing it out and doing it next April. Just do it now and give me a good time frame to come back and then have another off-season.”

This off-season will be interesting as the Cardinals sort through a new contract for Rosenthal.

Noting he “definitely” would like to stay with St. Louis, Trevor is represented by Scott Boras and will again be arbitration-eligible after the season. He shared the two sides have already talked at least casually about working something out.

“It’s just one of those things where I think with everything going on, probably have a more in-depth conversation once the season’s over,” said Rosenthal.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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