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Long before the city had a baseball team or the first team of Clydesdales trotted around the warning track, St. Louis had beer.  There are records of breweries from the 1830s producing beverage in the area and it’s a tradition and business that continues to thrive in metro area to this day–with Anheuser-Busch InBev the most popular brewery as 29 of 30 Major League ballparks offer their products.

And even though sponsorship deals with AB InBev or other major breweries can make it difficult for craft beers or smaller breweries to crack the market, teams have been taking advantage of the recent rise in popularity of those products to expand their beer menus. The Cardinals did so last year, adding a 20-draft bar and other smaller stations are located in the ballpark.

The Washington Post recently surveyed and ranked the big league ballparks on their beer, focusing on three key factors:

(1) Locality–how many products from breweries located within the same state are available for purchase at the stadium

(2) Quality–how many of the available beers rate “very good” or better according to BeerAdvocate.com

(3) Uniqueness–the number of breweries represented at each stadium. Each one of those factors was given equal weight in calculating the overall ranking.

According to the Washington Post, Busch Stadium ranked 20th overall…15th in locality…17th in quality…and 2oth in uniqueness.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company of St. Louis had the three top-rated beers at Busch Stadium according to the rankings with Hopfen (87, very good), Schnickelfritz (86, very good), and Zwickel (86, very good).

photo credit:  Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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