Piscotty Treats Knee Issue

After dealing with some patella tendinitis this season, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Stephen Piscotty has taken some steps to get the issue cleared up this off-season.

“Did a little non-invasive procedure that is really going to help we think with some of that tendinitis, which should free up some athleticism,” shared Piscotty. “I had that done on Monday and the knees feel great already. Going to rehab those a little bit and should give me more athleticism and less aches and pains so I can fly around the field. That I’m really excited about.”

Shock wave therapy was used, which uses a probe to shoot up to thousands of electric impulses of varying power to the affected areas around the knee cap, which should then help with the inflammation of the tendon.

“I was already biking today,” shared Piscotty. “It’s not a very significant rehab or procedure, but it’s just something that we think might help. I’m working on that. It should allow me–I’m hoping to be able get more out of my workouts, which in turn should make me more athletic and have a better performance. That’s a goal that’s already kind of in the works. I want to get a little faster out there and just overall strength.”

St. Louis Baseball Weekly will have more from the conversation with Stephen Piscotty soon…stay tuned.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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