Photo Gallery: Bunting is Fun

(Jupiter, FL) Having more fun was among the topics St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny addressed when Spring Training opened for his team earlier this week and here on Day Three, a prime example of that focus took place amongst a group of pitchers. With first base coach Chris Maloney continued to load baseballs into the pitching machine, pitcher after pitcher stepped in to see how many bunts they could successfully lay down on the turf.

In the end, Marco Gonzales and Mike Leake were the last two left standing for the final bunting competition. With teammates lined around the inside of the batting cage providing commentary and cheers,  Gonzales laid down 10 consecutive bunts before Leake told him to take a break and then equaled the feat. The same played out in the next round, which led to Maloney ending the contest in a draw with a declaration that neither of the two were going to miss.


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