Perez Signs Contract

(Busch Stadium) The St. Louis Cardinals continued to add the signings from their recent draft selections as top pick (23rd overall) Delvin Perez officially inked his contract on Friday.

“It’s a very exciting day for the St. Louis Cardinals,” began GM John Mozeliak. “One of the things the St. Louis Cardinals have always believe in is giving people a second chance and one of things we’ve always believed in is being opportunistic. This draft allowed us to that and we have a very talented player to my left who is excited to join this organization. We’re thrilled to give him this opportunity.”

St. Louis Cardinals sign draft pickThe 17-year old then addressed a variety of questions–including those about his failed PED test prior to the draft.

“It was clear that there would be a possibility the positive test might affect my career, but I was just waiting on a call from my agent,” said Perez, adding he had not been afraid of being discovered or caught taking PEDs. “I didn’t have any fear because I was sure that I wasn’t going to test positive. Again I repeat, I didn’t know what I was taking.”

“I was given something by a friend and since I didn’t know what it was, it was obviously an ignorant mistake,” continued Perez. “To not lose weight and to stay healthy.”

“That’s exactly what was echoed to me as we did our due diligence,” said Mozeliak. “Needless to say before we made this pick, we needed to have some assurances of what exactly happened.”

Now that he is part of the Cardinals, Perez will be part of the EAP tracking program, will have access to a website and 800-number to check any supplement, and will be assigned a bi-lingual trainer in Jupiter to make sure he fully understands what he can and cannot do.

The Cardinals have now signed 23 of their 42 draft picks, including eight of 12 players chosen in the top 10 rounds and four non-drafted free agents.

photo credit:  Bill Greenblatt/UPI

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