Peavy Familiar with STL

Jake Peavy has made nine career starts against the St. Louis Cardinals–including Game 3 of the World Series last year for Boston.  But of the 120 plate appearances from active Cardinals, Matt Holliday (40), Jhonny Peralta (39), and Yadier Molina (24) hold 103 of them. So, the San Francisco starter for Game 2 of the NLCS has been studying video.

“I’ve been through this lineup, seen more of Carpenter at‑bats than I probably want to see,” joked Peavy. “I’ll see some more before we really nail down the game plan. But we’ve watched these guys up and down.  They’re a lot like us.  This team is a bunch of grinders, a bunch of professional at‑bats that are going to have‑‑ I mean, you saw the way they grind it out at‑bats against Zack Greinke, against Kershaw, and what they were able to do as a group.

“I think this St. Louis team does a lot of what we did as a lineup in Boston last year.  Doesn’t try to do too much.  Tries to hand it to the next guy and just wear you down.  And always ready for the mistake, because they’re going to give you a professional at‑bat, 1 through 8, 1 through 9 with Lance Lynn swinging the bat as well as he can.”

Peavy is also familiar with St. Louis as his name has come in trade conversations–including this season near the deadline.

“You know, I did,” confirmed Peavy on thinking he could wind up a Cardinal.  “I thought it was really close, to be honest with you.  About a week or so before the actual deal happened with Boston, I thought that I could possibly come here. That being said, you guys got a‑‑ one of my dear, dear friends, and somebody I love in John Lackey, and you got to love handing him the ball, too, in postseason play, especially.”

Peavy also addressed the St. Louis trade rumors last postseason as his name had been rumored in a deal with the White Sox.

“Yeah, St. Louis is a place I’ve always spoke fondly of,” said Peavy. “This place is, it’s a great place.  There is nothing that‑‑ other than I guess some of the protests happening downtown, it’s an unfortunate situation, other than that, this place is near and dear to my heart.  It’s a great baseball town, it’s a great situation, and to do what this team has done, four straight NLCSs, that’s getting it done. When anybody thinks they might have a chance to play in St. Louis or that name gets mentioned, you get excited because, once again, you associate St. Louis with winning, and that’s what we all want to do, especially late in our career.”

Peavy is 3-4 in his 9 career starts against St. Louis. He will be opposed in Game 2 by Lance Lynn. First pitch is 7:07pm CT.

photo credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

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