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Secure in the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame as one of the best teachers not just in the history of the organization, but in the game of baseball itself, another illustration of how George Kissell used simple methods to provide big results is on display in part of a new exhibit, “Farming the Business of Cardinals Baseball” in the team’s museum.

Kissell-Farming ExhibitOn loan from the Kissell family is the actual pocket notebook which Kissell used as his manual to help teach to players and coaches alike. Among the notes for pitchers–strive to strikeout 13 batters each game, the lead-off hitter each inning and the pitcher four times. The notebook is at the center of the manual still provided today for the club’s organizational guidelines.

Besides that artifact, the exhibit also details how Branch Rickey and owner Sam Breadon developed the tier-system for the minor leagues after previously needing to act as silent partners with clubs to help protect players. Several jerseys–from a 1919 Rickey road model to a Memphis one of the late Oscar Taveras are also displayed. Other unique items like the pitching chart from Bud Smith’s no-hitter and even a hand-written note from Danny Cox asking for a pay increase while in the minors are also featured.

Having opened last week, the “Farming the Business of Cardinals Baseball” exhibit is free with the cost of museum admission and will be on display until the end of the 2016 season. The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum is open daily during the off-season from 10am-6pm.

Listen in as Brian Finch of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum provides a guided tour with extra background information to the exhibit…


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