Mozeliak Talks Trade Deadline

(Busch Stadium) After expressing a desire to bolster their rotation, the St. Louis Cardinals were unable to make a deal for a starter before today’s MLB trade deadline of 3pm.

“Clearly, the last week and half or so, we were trying to work on a lot of different things and really never got to a point where we felt like we could get a deal done and that’s very clear as the deadline as come and gone,” Team President John Mozeliak began. One of the things we did do, was we moved Jedd Gyorko. Part of that was because of the roster crunch here. Ultimately, when he comes off his rehab assignment we were just afraid that we wouldn’t have a spot so rather than just think of this as a pure release, we decided to see if anybody had any interest. The Dodgers did and then we put in some cap space to get a young prospect. That is what we were able to do.

“Explored starting pitching–was really sort of the first and foremost of what we were looking for and then also looked at the relief market. But from people’s standpoints, we just weren’t matching up. Unfortunately, we didn’t get what we hoped to do but we still really like our team. We’re still very excited about team. We do think we’re getting healthy at the right time and hopefully this club can continue playing like it is and it will be good enough.”

Citing that a lot of the names that were being talked about did not wind up being moved anywhere, Mozeliak described the market as a “little upside-down”. The Cardinals also did not want to trade from their Major League roster and the prospects they were willing to move were not enough to get a deal done.

“We did not want to go into this trading deadline feeling that we were going to trade Dylan Carlson or a (Nolan) Gorman, especially for a rental,” Mozeliak said. “We were trying to find deals that would either avoid doing that or something that may have had a longer lasting appeal to the Cardinals in the out years.”

The Cardinals first round pick of 2016, Carlson is batting .287 with 18 home runs and 56 RBIS at Springfield (AA) this season. The team’s top pick from last year, Gorman has 13 HRs combined between Peoria and Palm Beach in 2019.

“We weren’t going to trade Carlson just for 10 starts or 11 starts,” Mozeliak said. “When your system isn’t that deep, you get hit on that a lot.”

In return for Jedd Gyorko, the Cardinals received left-handed pitcher Tony Cingrani from the Dodgers. Cingrani has not pitched this season as he recovers from left shoulder surgery.

“Really, that was to help offset some of the Gyorko dollars,” Mozeliak explained. “They have their own math to do and we have ours, so that’s how that worked out.”

The Dodgers also sent Jeffrey Abreu to St. Louis as part of the deal. The 19-year old Abreu is 2-0 with a 4.66 ERA in six games pitched for the Arizona Rookie League Dodgers.

Asked how he would respond if fans felt there was a lack of urgency or complacency to get a deal done, Mozeliak realized that may be the case.

“I can understand why fans would feel that way,” he said. “In fairness, for the last week, we’ve been working tirelessly to try to do something. It’s always when you have deadlines and you don’t come up with something, people aren’t happy. I can’t come up with an excuse that’s going to make that go away, but I hope people realize that we’re still excited about club. We still think we can win and where we stand, it’s tough because new deadlines change how you think about things. There’s no August trades now. We were really trying to push for something right away and just didn’t get there.”

photo credit: Bill Greenblatt/UPI

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