Moss Doing Better

(Busch Stadium) While there is still not a definitive timetable for his return, Brandon Moss can at least report progress with his sprained left ankle.

“It’s feeling better,” he shared before Sunday’s game. “The last few days, it’s made a lot of progress. That All-Star break was really good for it, just to let it calm down and let some of the treatments they did for it take in. It’s one of those things where it goes at it’s own pace, but the past few days have gone really well.”

The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder/first baseman went on the disabled list July 5th after spraining his ankle the night before.

Still in a boot except during rehab, Moss is continuing to work on the mobility and does his treatment at Busch Stadium.

“You know you can’t play with it, so you’re just at the mercy of it and letting it heal,” he continued, adding that he’s still not sure how he suffered such a severe sprain.

“I think I just compressed it and it pinched,” guessed Moss. “Messed it up pretty good. That was a bummer.”

As for how the doctors answer his own questions about when he could return…

“They talk around me,”¬†Moss laughed. “No, they’re doing the same thing I am–waiting to see how it responds to things, then you have a progression. That’s the way everything works. You take two weeks away from baseball activity, you just don’t jump back into it you have to progress into it and let everything heal and let everything see how it does. You just kind of do it as it goes.”

photo credit: Bill Greenblatt/UPI

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