Molina Plays Catch

(Jupiter, FL) It was only a few throws at first base during pick-off drills, but Yadier Molina had the glove back on his left hand and was able to make all of the catches.

“Everything was feeling good,” said Molina, who previously had been watching several of the pitching practice sessions. “Getting better each day.”

It was the first time the St. Louis Cardinals catcher had caught a ball since he had a second surgery to repair the thumb ligament which was originally injured in September while tagging Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs.

16-2-21 Molina advice for Kelly“I don’t know, just keep getting better and better,” answered Molina as to what’s next in terms of his rehab process.

In the meantime, as he continues to rehab, Yadi has been very visible during the Spring Training workouts–almost serving as an additional coach for his teammates.

“He’s always out there and always trying to help us out,” agreed Carson Kelly. “Just the little details–he’s always finding something that we wouldn’t be thinking about. We’re trying to catch the ball, block the ball and he’s like ‘hey, this might help’. Just those little, little details that he focuses on, that’s what helps us get better.”

“Coaching?” chuckled Molina. “I’m just watching–that’s all I can do.”

“I’m here to try and help anybody who asks,” he continued. “And try to get better with my thumb and my hand. Anything I can help with my teammates, I’m there for them.”

16-2-23 Molina-Pitching Practice

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