Matheny’s White Bracelet

During the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a white bracelet that Mike Matheny has been wearing just under his watch on his left wrist. Though just a simple, $2 bracelet, it means much more in sentimental value to the St. Louis Cardinals manager.

“I have two boys in Houston that were flooded in for five days,” explained Matheny. “While they were gone, one of them left this on the kitchen table, so I told him I was going to wear it and just thinking about them.”

Luke and Jake Matheny are playing baseball for San Jacinto College in Houston.

“They were there for a week and the hurricane hit,” said Matheny. “Got evacuated out of their apartment up to the third floor and lived with a couple other guys for five days.

“It was kind of an adventure for them in the beginning, but then when food and water started running low and they had no utilities–that kind of stuff spooked them a little bit. So just letting them know I’m thinking about them.”

“Kind of a representation too of a lot of people, not just Houston,” added Matheny.

Following Hurricane Harvey, Matt Carpenter pledged $10,000 for each home run he hit the rest of this season–which was matched by Adam Wainwright and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now with the damage caused by Hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico, Yadier Molina has set up a Go Fund Me page and is trying to raise $1 million to help his home country.

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