Long Launches “The Waterboys”

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(August 24, 2015) When you first saw the hashtag #Drink4Water or saw Waterboys.org being promoted, the thought of a sequel from Adam Sandler may have reasonably crossed your mind.

“It would be cool if Adam Sandler made a sequel,” chuckled Chris Long. “It would be cool if Adam Sandler helped the water initiative out if he hears about it.”

Long has been working on the project for over a year after visiting Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

NFL: St. Louis Rams-Training Camp“This was something that I just had never experienced before or seen,” he explained. “It blew me away. I had a beautiful experience there, but also saw the tough side of it.”

Wanting to get involved, Long went back for a scouting trip and teamed with Missouri-based, World Serve International to get involved in bringing clean water to the area.

“They kind of showed me the ropes as far as the wells are concerned,” said Long. “They brought me to a lot of the places that I had seen in passing, but we were really able to spend time on that second trip. I got to see it from both ends. We saw communities they had recently established a well in and I also saw communities that were in dire need of a well. The difference in the two is just ridiculous.

“When you give a community clean water, and we’re talking about large communities of 5-7,00o people, you give that community clean water–that basic human dignity, it increases their chance of success as a community tenfold. You have agriculture, you have little kids that aren’t sick and dying, you have adults that aren’t sick and dying, you have better hygiene, you have a better source for income in that community and everybody wins.”

To get involved, Long has recruited over 20 players from several other NFL teams with a competitive goal to help raise funds for 32 wells–one for each city. He’s also asking fans to take a picture of water or any other beverage you drink and post it online with the hashtag #Drink4Water and then visit Waterboys.org to learn more or make a donation.

“It could be a beer here in St. Louis that you really enjoy, it could be a sports drink, it could be anything,” said Long. “The whole idea is I’m reminding myself, I’m reminding my friends the luxury that we have here and how lucky we are to be able to take something for granted everyday.”


–Besides the conversation with Chris Long, our look around the NFL for a 2015 season preview continued with Brent Martineau, the Sports Director of CBS 47/Fox 30 in Jacksonville. In addition to discussing the Jaguars, Martineau also offered some interesting insight as to what owner Shad Khan was working on for their metro area.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars“I’ve really been a believer in what he’s tried to do and attempted to do the last few years,” said Martineau, who pointed out Khan has already been true to his word regarding stadium enhancements.. “You’re talking about one of the richest men in the world, with vision, and really a blank canvas here in a Top 50 market in Jacksonville.”

Part of that canvas could be painted with a new, revitalized downtown area with Khan using the Jaguars playing in London to bolster the campaign.

“They’re building relationships,” said Martineau on the Jags wanting to keep playing in London. “This is bigger than just playing the game over there. But it does a lot of money as well–15% of their local revenue came from that game in London the last couple of years. That’s a big chunk of money that they’re getting filling up Wembley Stadium and they get to keep it. So they like the idea of that even though they have to take a home game away from the fans here in Jacksonville.

“But bigger than that, around here there’s a feeling that they could pull some of that London money, if you will, the London business and build downtown Jacksonville up along with it. Shad Khan, who’s one of the richest men in the world, also has a plan now over these next couple months to try and start and rebuild downtown. He’s going to be a big player in that. So again, if all this comes to fruition, we could see a whole different Jacksonville, Florida in the next 5-10 years.”

So for those holding hope that if or when the Rams leave, Khan would move the franchise here that does not sound like an owner–even with nearby ties to St. Louis–who sounds like he’s looking to relocate anytime soon.

photo credit: Scott Rovak, Melina Vastola, Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

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