Leake’s Start Still In Question

(Busch Stadium) The question still remains if Mike Leake will make his start on Saturday as scheduled for the St. Louis Cardinals.

“There’s really no change from yesterday,” said General Manager Michael Girsch. “We’re evaluating what our options are. We’re talking through things, we’re seeing how Mike feels and we’ll make a decision in the next day or two.”

Speaking yesterday on the topic, Mike Matheny shared that Leake is “one of the options” the team is considering. Calling someone up or just skipping his turn in the rotation are also options.

“I feel pretty good,” said Leake this afternoon. “Starting to get a little more strength back, I feel like.”

When asked if being skipped in the rotation could be of some benefit, Leake paused before answering.

“I don’t know about ‘benefit’ is the word to use,” answered Leake. “I’m ready to pitch Saturday.”

“I try to give 100% of whatever my body feels that day, that’s just what I do,” said Leake, reiterating that he’s not trying to push through any kind of wall. “I still feel fine. Sometimes you get hit.”


“He had the shot and he will get checked up probably later this week or over the weekend,” shared Girsch. “He really can’t do a whole lot. Right now, it’s just wait to see if progress is made. He’s not going to pick up a ball for another week to 10 days. So, all indications are positive but there aren’t very many indications. Waino as always is optimistic, but Waino is always optimistic. So right now, we’re just waiting to see.”


–The Cardinals will be without Matt Carpenter this evening as the first baseman has a virus and has been sent home. Kolten Wong moves up to lead-off in his absence.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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