La Russa Says No Tarnish

Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa was among those on-hand to participate in the Pujols Family Foundation Golf Tournament on Monday.

“I remember their first days when they were thinking about putting it together,” recalled La Russa who managed Albert when the Foundation was formed in 2005. “One thing that happens so consistent–you walk in here right where you see the kids. After all the years, we know each other and there’s hugs. Whether it’s the prom, or the Christmas celebration, the golf, or whatever they do to raise money they put it back into making very, very special kids feel very special. And there’s the work they do in the Dominican, so easiest decision you make all year.”

Now the Chief Baseball Officer for the Arizona Diamondbacks, La Russa still showed a loyalty to his former organization when the topic of the FBI/Justice Department investigation into the Cardinals came up.

“I know what the organization represents,” stated La Russa. “Whatever it is that was done wrong, it was done at a very low level–if it was done wrong. I guarantee you, the organization is not tarnished at all. It sounded a little worse than it was. Their reputation is well-earned–before this, now, and after this. Mr. DeWitt, the front office under the leadership of Mo, they’re going to be really careful. They want to take care of the reputation that the Cardinals as an organization…Whatever it is, it was very limited and will be dealt with.”

While serious on the subject of computer hacking, La Russa was equally good humored when his own cell phone interrupted his media session.

“Manager Chip Hale,” answered La Russa who then had a brief conversation with his skipper. “I’m here in St. Louis at the Pujols Family Foundation Golf Tournament with a bunch of media and I was just bragging about how you should be the Manager of the Year. They said no, it should be Mike Matheny, I said well they both tied for first. I’ll call you right back.”

New this year to the Foundation plans are clean water initiatives in the Dominican and bringing fine artists together with Downs Syndrome people together in St. Louis to create a piece of art this Fall. Over the last ten years, the golf tournament has raised over $1 million to help families in the St. Louis community.

photo credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

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