Jarrett Swinging Away with GFW

During his 29 years of professional wrestling, Jeff Jarrett has held titles around the world and been in countless main events, most recently making his return to TNA Impact wrestling to win the “King of the Mountain” match at their Slammiversary PPV in June.

But the “King of the Mountain” has been the king of the diamond of late as his new Global Force Wrestling promotion is engaged in a summer Grand Slam tour of ballparks across the country.

“When we announced it, I guess I’d say I was almost shocked at the instant feedback that came from the minor league teams,” said Jarrett. “All of a sudden in early September, we’ve got a three-day Iowa run. At the end of September we go to Texas. We’re talking to California teams, we’re talking to Florida teams.”

Besides Jarrett, wrestlers such as Scott Steiner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Roode, Micki James, The Young Bucks, Chris Sabin, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Jim Cornette are involved with the promotion.

“You may see TNA stars pop up on a Global Force Wrestling event,” teased Jarrett. “You may see New Japan stars, you may see a lucha libre star, you may see independent guys from the European circuit.”

That Jarrett recently appeared and is still able to work with TNA, the promotion he helped found in 2002 and departed from a couple of years ago, comes in part from a perspective of growing up as a third-generation behind his grandmother and father in the business.

“You understand this is a business that is an industry that you are going to be doing business with people that you don’t always care to sit down and have Christmas dinner with or Thanksgiving dinner with, or quite frankly, even want to have a cup of coffee with,” said Jarrett.

“There’s times you have to take a step back and really look at, okay ‘what’s best for business?’–and not just Jeff Jarrett business. Not just for Karen Jarrett business, maybe not even what’s best for Global Force Wrestling business,” said Jarrett. “What’s best business for the wrestling industry? And if you can keep the wrestling business thriving and healthy, then in the end you’re going to win. That’s the decision I face on a daily basis.”

Global Force Wrestling will be holding a television taping July 24th and is currently working through the process of lining up broadcast domestic and global distribution. And of course, there remains the ballparks tour.

“You tell them folks to give me a call,” said Jarrett on interest from teams around the St. Louis area, adding that he’s already heard from one of the organizations. “Absolutely, reach out and let’s try to make something happen.”

For more information, visit GlobalForceWrestling.com.

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