Holliday’s Farewell??

(Busch Stadium) Another night, another epic home run that will be forever etched in the mind of St. Louis Cardinals fans. This time, it was Matt Holliday–activated before the game from the disabled list with the team announcing it is unlikely the option will be picked up on his contract for next year.

And so, in what could be his final at-bat as a St. Louis Cardinal, Matt Holliday fought off the tears streaming down his face and delivered a 382ft opposite field home run into the right field bullpen.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis CardinalsAfter the game, Holliday had already left the clubhouse–but Adam Wainwright stepped, or perhaps more accurately was surrounded, into sharing some perspective on the moment.

“I apologize to Cardinals fans, I did not play today but I will answer for Matt,” he smiled. “Yeah, there was something magical about that. You can’t make that stuff up. That homer right there–everybody in the dugout was saying, man it would be so cool if he hits a home run right here. And he did it. On an 0-2 pitch. You just don’t see that, it’s crazy.”

The appreciation for Holliday wasn’t just in the Cardinals clubhouse.

“I have no idea how special it was for him, it was pretty special for me,” said Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle. “Being an outsider and an outlier. I had him his rookie year, I had him for a few years. The career’s he had–and it’s not over. Could just be changing directions, but to see that kind of reception in this baseball town. See those numbers posted on the scoreboard, they’re real. He’s earned them. And then to go up there and hit the ball out to right centerfield, I’ve seen him do it before. It’s fantastic. It’s just another one of those stories you can’t make up beforehand.”

“I was choked up for sure,” added Wainwright. “I think most everybody in the dugout was. My comment after that was, I went over to Mike and I said, so that’s not his last at-bat? If he’s going to hit homers…He just kind of looked at me like, uhhhh.”

photo credit: Bill Greenblatt/UPI, Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports



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