Hicks Still Pitching In

(Busch Stadium) Though still wearing a brace as he recovers from Tommy John surgery, reliever Jordan Hicks will be suited up with a special purpose during this Player’s Weekend. Hicks is one of 30 ambassadors, one for each team, and will have “Type 1” on the back of his jersey to help raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes.

“I’m a Type 1 diabetic, so it means a lot,” said Hicks, who in particular wants to be a role model for kids suffering from the same condition. “It affects my whole day. I’ve got to take insulin when I eat and check my blood sugars all the time. Low blood sugar, they explain almost like–not drunk, but just how shaky you are and decision making is not good. You have to be really aware and take care of your body and listen to the doctors.”

Diagnosed when he was 17 years old, Hicks had been dealing with a variety of issues.

“I lost like 30 pounds, my mouth was dry,” he shared. The weight quickly returned after he was treated, but it still requires attention–even in games.

“I bring my snacks every game out there just in case,” Hicks said. “I’ve had moments out there when I’ve been low, but it wasn’t my time to go, it was like the fifth inning, so I can eat a bar and be right back up. I’ve never pitched with low blood sugar.”

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