Harris Encouraged By Tests

(Jupiter, FL) Limited to just 1.1 inning of work this spring, St. Louis Cardinals reliever Mitch Harris had a smile on his face after returning from a doctor’s visit on Wednesday.

“Some positive news knowing that it’s nothing serious and kind of getting in the right direction of where we head next,” said Harris, who is waiting for the official diagnosis but has been dealing with “extreme soreness” in the back of his upper right arm.

“We’ve got a couple more things to test to kind of pinpoint that and then I think we’ll be right on where we need to be,” he said. “The positive thing is I don’t think it’s going to be an extensive time, it’s just going to be let’s make things are right first and then we can slowly ramp up the innings and the throwing and stuff and be right back where I felt I was during the off-season.”

“He’ll do a nerve conduction test on Friday,” shared General Manager John Mozeliak. “Ultimately, we feel like based on second opinion and what our own doctors are saying, we feel like an injection is likely going to solve his situation but we’ll be patient and wait out Friday.”

A couple of MRIs ruled out structural issues within in his neck and elbow.

16-2-20 bunting contest“We confirmed that again today–everything looked very clear,” shared Harris. “It’s now a matter of upper shoulder area where the nerves and muscles are all kind of are in together, is kind of now our area where we believe the things are at.

“The positives are again, everything looks great, everything is healthy structurally, so now it’s just a matter of alleviating just that little bit of  nerve tension and that will help us get back into feeling 100%.”

The issues began after his second live throwing session, but Harris was able to still throw.

“That was the tough part,” he said. “I could push through the pain and discomfort of getting through that bullpen and even the game but it was after is when I really noticed there was not a bounce back. It was a man, it’s still there the next day. The way I described it was it felt like I had thrown six or seven innings and I really only threw one.”

Provided the injection is the course of action for Harris, it’s expected to be another three weeks after an injection before he could return to the baseball mix.


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