Gyorko Feeling Better

(Busch Stadium) Since being acquired by the St. Louis Cardinals in a trade from the San Diego Padres last year, Jedd Gyorko has made his former teammates pay for moving him. In seven games, Gyorko has hit .560 (14-25) with six home runs and 11 runs driven in.

“I have the same drive to take it to the Cubs, the Brewers, the Reds,” smiled Gyorko. “It’s not like I only try hard against these guys. It’s the same edge, same attempt to do well against everybody.”

The Cardinals 3rd baseman hit his 17th homer of the year on Sunday and is finally starting to feel relief from knee tendinitis.

“It’s definitely getting a lot better,” said Gyorko, who received an injection prior to the series in Boston. “It’s been feeling good so far. I think the shot really cleared up a lot of things that were going on. It was in a bad spot there for a while, so it’s good to feel good and have my swing closer to where it was–the same feel that it was before.”

Fielding wasn’t too much of an issue as Gyorko felt it the most when running the bases and in the batter’s box. Fighting through finally became too much to deal with.

“Yeah, that’s what happened,” agreed Gyorko. “I was able to play, but I just wasn’t playing to where I needed to be. Something had to change just because I wasn’t productive the way I needed to be. The knee, I could feel it–I’m not sure if that’s the whole reason why the struggles, but it was something I could feel that obviously wasn’t where it needed to be. The days off helped, but we needed to do something else to try and clear it up.”

Gyorko will play third and bat sixth tonight for the Cardinals as he faces former teammate Clayton Richards and the Padres.

photo credit: Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

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