Grichuk Laying the Boom

The opposition knows who Randal Grichuk is, even they aren’t quite sure how to say his name.

“I’ll mispronounce it,” said San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy when quizzed about the St. Louis Cardinals right fielder during his Friday press conference. “He’s a talented player, right‑handed guy, hit a home run off of Kershaw.  He’s a very gifted outfielder.  He’s a center fielder that’s playing right field, and our reports are this kid is a talented kid that can do some things with the bat.”

And besides gaining recognition for his home run in the NLDS, the Cardinals rookie has also gained a fan in Nelly for his choice of walk-up music.

“Yeah, it was a pretty cool moment,” said Grichuk, who recently tweeted about meeting the artist while he was on-deck for his second at-bat of Game 4.

“I heard somebody yelling ’15’ a couple of times–normally don’t look. Kershaw was done with his warm-ups and Carp wasn’t even walking to the plate yet so I decided to look because it was right up against the net. He was like ‘I like that song’ and I was just kind of going to give him a hey or a thanks and then realized it was him. Thought it was pretty cool, pointed at him and said hello.”

“I grew up listening to Nelly a lot. ‘Boom’ was my walk-out all through high school, all through the minor leagues. So it was a pretty special moment for me.”

photo credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

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