Golden Era Shutout

The wait for Cooperstown will continue for Dick Allen, Ken Boyer, Jim Kaat, and the other seven candidates who were on the Golden Era ballot this year. No one received the necessary 12 of 16 votes to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame, though Allen and Tony Oliva each had 11 votes. Jim Kaat had 10 votes, while Ken Boyer had three or less.

“Each player was discussed an intense time,” shared Ferguson Jenkins, one of the Hall of Famers on the election committee. “I think the number one thing is we brought up each player.  We brought up his stats, playing time, teams he played for, and the individual personal accounts.  So I think each individual had that opportunity to understand, and everybody on the council had an opportunity to understand each guy’s individual performance, and who he was and where he played.”

Jenkins was joined on the Golden Era voting committee by fellow Hall of Famers Jim Bunning, Rod Carew, Pat Gillick, Al Kaline, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith and Don Sutton. In addition, major league executives Dave Dombrowski, Jim Frey, David Glass and Roland Hemond were on the committee with veteran media members Steve Hirdt, Dick Kaegel, Phil Pepe and Tracy Ringolsby. Hall of Fame Chairman of the Board Jane Forbes Clark served as the non-voting chairman of the Golden Era Committee.

“The exact nature of the deliberations is always kept confidential,” said Hirdt (Elias Sports Bureau) in response to what kind of advanced statistics were evaluated in the process.  “I would say this, there was a wide‑ranging discussion of all of the statistics of a particular player, including some that may not have existed when that player was playing.  I think having been on a couple of these panels, I think this was as thorough of a discussion as any that I’ve ever been involved with.  I think the depth of the candidates who were on this ballot that was put before us necessitated that type of approach.  So that’s about the best I can say.”

A new Golden Era committee will be selected in 2017 to vote upon a new group of 10 Golden Era candidates–of which these 2014 candidates may again be included.

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Candidate Votes
Dick Allen 11 68.8%
Tony Oliva 11 68.8%
Jim Kaat 10 62.5%
Maury Wills 9 56.3%
Minnie Minoso 8 50%
Ken Boyer 3 or fewer
Gil Hodges 3 or fewer
Bob Howsam 3 or fewer
Billy Pierce 3 or fewer
Luis Tiant 3 or fewer
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