Fowler Walks Off The Sweep

A game that began on Sunday evening finished in the early hours of Monday morning and 14 innings later as Dexter Fowler delivered a 2-run homer to give the St. Louis Cardinals a 4-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs.

“This is something special,” smiled Fowler. “Especially two in two nights–or two days, whatever. This team, we keep grinding. I’m just…I’m elated. Even the guys who came in and pitched, it’s awesome.”

It was the second walk-off in as many games for St. Louis as they swept the weekend series against Chicago. The Cardinals were down to their final strike before Fowler took a 2-2 pitch and knocked it 351 feet down the right field line and just past Jason Heyward into the seats.

“I see J-Hey flying and I was like if you catch this, I’m gonna cry,” said Fowler. “He jumped and I thought he caught it so I stopped. Then I saw it bounce and I was like oh, my gosh. Words can’t even explain it.”

In his career, Fowler has six walk-offs, but this was the first time he hit a home run to finish the game.

Two rain delays combined to halt the game for 59 minutes, which contributed to the 4 hour and 46 minute total length of game. And for a player like Fowler, who eats specially prepared meals, the extra time can be challenging to stay fueled.

“I actually eat right before the game, just in case,” shared Fowler. “My chef, he packs a meal, so I eat right before the game. Everybody’s like why are you eating right now, the game’s in fifteen minutes? I try to get all the calories I can before it starts.”

And this game it made a difference.

“It did, it did,” agreed Fowler.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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