First Win for Webb

(Busch Stadium) It may have been just one out, but the appearance last night was enough to earn Tyler Webb his first MLB win. And while the St. Louis Cardinals reliever downplayed his contribution to the “W”, his teammates still gave him the traditional celebration.

“My eyes were closed and I was just trying to breathe,” Webb laughed. “You get in the laundry cart and you go in the shower and they throw various liquids at you. It’s more fun for the people that are not in the laundry’s cool that they’re celebrating you, but it’s kind of they enjoying doing that while you’re just trying to get through it.”

Webb struck out Milwaukee’s Ben Gamel in the sixth inning, which stranded two runners and was key at the time before the Cardinals went on to their eventual 9-4 victory. It was the 79th career appearance for Webb, who also picked up his first big league save back in June.

“I think the save means a little more just because the criteria for a save means that you’re in a little closer game,” Webb said. “A win can happen at kind of any moment. Like I just faced one batter and I got my guy. A save, you have to get those final couple of outs and they’re a little harder to get, so I’d say the save.”

Since being recalled on July 21st, Webb has a 0.77 ERA and has held opponents to a .105 batting average (4-38) with 13 strikeouts in 11.2 innings.

“You’re kind of in one of those grooves and you try to keep it going,” Webb said. “You stick to your strengths and what you do well and try not to worry to much about individual hitters. If you execute well, good things happen so mainly working on execution.”

Besides keeping things simplified with his bullpen approach, Webb has also taken advantage of his big league time to further his photography skills. The lefty has posted a number of his pictures on Instagram.

“I got into that a couple of years ago in the off-season, tried to find a hobby that could get my mind off baseball a little bit,” Webb shared. “So I got a camera and a laptop and just took some pictures of stadiums I’m going to and trying to collect all of them, hopefully. And then various off-day stuff, like I got a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge when we were in San Francisco. Just cool things to remember. This time is such a short time in your life, I want pictures to remember it.”

“I have three lenses that I switch between, so it’s a pretty aggressive hobby I guess you could say, so we’ll see where it goes,” said Webb, who invested in a Fuji mirrorless camera.

“I had to convince my wife that I was going to stay with it, I think I convinced her. She likes to remind me that she gets a lot of ‘likes’ on my Instagram page even though I work way harder on the other pictures. But it’s a good hobby that both of us can go do.”

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports; Tyler Webb

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