First Win for Brebbia

Following the St. Louis Cardinals 5-0 victory over Chicago tonight, there was a celebration of sorts, but no beer shower to celebrate John Brebbia earning his first MLB win.

“We had a little fun to say congrats, that was about it,” downplayed Brebbia. “Keep it pretty civil. It was fun, though.”

The win came in the 70th game for Brebbia, who earlier this season picked up the first two saves of his career.

So what does earning a win mean to the 28-year old right-hander?

“I don’t know, actually. I don’t really know yet,” pondered Brebbia. “It was great and all. Really great to get a win against the Cubs because that’s–pretty good division and to grab one from them especially, going on the road. That’s great.”

In fact, Brebbia really wasn’t even aware he was in line to get the win until it happened.

“We scored a couple of runs, Gomber came in the inning after and just kind of started shutting guys down,” he explained. “Then Hicks after that and when Bud came in, it was just like ‘Oh, you know what, this kind of worked out to where I think I might snag a win here’. But it’s not really something I think about on a day-to-day basis. It’s definitely really cool. I’m happy about it and I like it, but it’s not something that I was clawing for.”

That same cannot be said for his quest to get his first big league hit.

“Now that is something I dream about,” laughed Brebbia.

photo credit: Scott Kane-USA Today Sports

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