Final Explanation from Wainwright

Hoping to finally close the door on the entire situation, St. Louis Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright stood in front of his locker before heading out to stretch on Friday and once again addressed his comments regarding the Derek Jeter at-bat in the All-Star Game.

“I made a mistake and I move on–I’m not gonna change the way that I do things,” said Wainwright. “I’m not gonna change the way I interview, I’m going to be more mindful of the words I use in them maybe. For crying out loud, this is ridiculous. The people that completely lost respect for me and all this, just realize I messed up the way I described the inning…I brought it on myself, so I can’t be too hard on other people for that but I don’t feel like I should have to back up my story any more than telling you what happened, telling the truth and I can live with that.”

Bottom line Wainwright explained–he messed up on his delivery after the game, not on the mound.

Mike Matheny became very impassioned when the topic was raised towards the end of his pre-game media session.

“There’s people in this game that are good for the game–not just good players, but good for the game and Adam Wainwright’s one of those,” stated Matheny.

“You have a special player with a great demeanor and a great delivery to the fans and that’s gonna be fractured because he trusted people to take what he was saying and take it as it was intended and it was run with completely in the opposite direction. Unfortunately it affected his experience there. You guys know him–he meant no disrespect to the game or Derek or anybody else. It’s just a shame, that’s it.”

Wainwright will start Tuesday for the Cardinals in the series opener against Tampa.

photo credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

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