Double-Vision for Motte

In 2011, he threw the final pitch which clinched the World Series championship for the St. Louis. Now, Jason Motte is a reliever for the Chicago Cubs, ready for his new team face the old in the National League Divisional Series.

“I know the fan base here is going to be crazy tomorrow night, and I know Chicago’s going to be pretty nuts,” said Motte. “We’ve done it all season–if you win, it’s a party because honestly, you look at this year, we had 97 of them and we were happy about every stinkin’ one of them. We didn’t have as big of a party as last night after them, but it was a celebration because you win a game in the big leagues it’s a big deal. Especially, when you get in the postseason, regardless of how you get in there or what you do to get in there, you win, you move that’s a big deal. I think the fans here are excited, it’ll be fun.”

Motte is not on the active roster for the NLDS, as he is still recovering from a late-August shoulder strain.

“We’re still trying to get him ready to be able to pitch for us,” said Joe Maddon. “I’m going to tell you that, he’s not going to be on the roster right now. So we’re trying to get creative in regards to getting him well and healthy so if we continue we can make an informed decision whether to use him or get him on the roster or not.”

Besides visiting with former teammates, Motte has plans to visit friends at some of the area hospitals this weekend between games.

photo credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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