Covington Talks UFC

In the midst of a six-fight win streak, Colby Covington is the #2 ranked Welterweight in the UFC and faces #10 ranked Robbie Lawler today in the main event of UFC Fight Night on ESPN.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit for over a year now,” Covington said. “Tyron Woodley was ducking me for eight months, now we’ve got Marty “Fake News” Uzman doing the Woodley 2.0 and faking injuries and ducking me. I’m excited to get back in there and prove I’m the best welterweight in the world.”

Reminded that he was speaking to Woodley’s hometown audience and Tyron was a favorite of the show, Covington didn’t change his tune.

“I’m sorry you guys love Tyron Woodley, you should set your standards higher,” he quipped.

Besides talking the expected trash about Woodley, Colby Covington also gave a shout out to Mai Lee, located in Brentwood, which he describes as his favorite restaurant in “the whole entire world and that’s not an exaggeration”.

If Covington gets past Lawler in today’s fight, UFC President Dana White has said that a title match would be next on the schedule. It should be an interesting match of styles as Lawler has 20 knockouts and Covington has thus far relied more on submissions and his mat background.

“He’s got big power in both his hands,” Covington acknowledged. “He’s got the big kicks and big knees, but the thing is, he’s not as athletic as me. He’s definitely not as good looking as me. He’s not going to be ready for what I bring to the table. I’m too elusive, I’m dynamic. It’s not just the wrestling that I’m good at now–my striking matches up to the wrestling.”

UFC Fight on ESPN airs at 2pm CT.

photo credit: UFC

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