Carpenter On Errors, Shift

(Busch Stadium) With tonight’s loss, the St. Louis Cardinals guaranteed they will not have a .500 record at the All-Star break, as the team is now 41-45 with two games to go.

“We’ve still a got a chance to win this series,” pointed out Matt Carpenter. “We won against Washington, won against Arizona, split with Miami, and have a chance to win this series. That’s a pretty good roll into the break. If we can come back, find a way to win the next two games, we’ll be happy with the way we finish this half.”

Carpenter was more disappointed with his fielding error in the 7th inning, which contributed to Yoenis Cespedes later scoring in the inning. It was his third in five games since moving over to second base.

“The first two, I had no business trying to make–today, there’s no excuse,” said Carpenter, referencing the two errors in the two games prior. “That’s a play I can make, I just didn’t make it. First two, they didn’t bother me. Today, this one bothered me.”

Last year, Carpenter committed 4 errors in 40 games and 9 in 2013 when played 132 games at the position.

“Baseball’s a game where it stings right now, but I’ll be over it by the time I get to the field tomorrow because we’ve got a game to play.”

As he has done from time to time in the past, Carpenter also took advantage of the shift to drop down a bunt for a base hit against the Mets.

“If they shift me, I’m going to do that,” he reiterated. “Not many teams give me in that regard–there’s usually always a third baseman standing there until I get three strikes. But they gave it to me, so I took it.”

It was the second bunt single of the season for Carpenter, who later scored his 500th career run in the 8th inning.

photo credit:  Bill Greenblatt/UPI, Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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