Carpenter Back at 2B

(Busch Stadium) After taking some “concentrated work” during pregame the last few days, Matt Carpenter will slide from first to second base for the St. Louis Cardinals in tonight’s game against Miami.

“Second to me, from a position standpoint, nowadays is a little easier than it used to be,” said Carpenter. “From the shifts and all the stuff that you do–I just feel like the position is played a little different than in the past. And with the slide rule. In ’13 when I played, you had to avoid runners and do all that kind of stuff. So that certainly helps when you’re turning a double play.”

First, second, third–which position does Carpenter feel the most comfortable at?

“I don’t really have an opinion on that, I mean, I like playing all of them,” he said. “And I’m comfortable at all of them. I told Mike that and I think that’s kind of what prompted this move. A chance to get a guy like Voit in the lineup vs. a lefty and I told him I’m comfortable to play second and that’s why we are where we are.”

“I think that’s a very team-centered approach and it’s very nice to see,” said Mike Matheny.

This move is not expected to be an everyday change, but an option for various matchups where Luke Voit or Jose Martinez can provide additional power from the right side of the plate. In addition, Kolten Wong is continuing to progress with his right triceps strain.

And as he mentioned, Carpenter has enjoyed his time at first base this season.

“Outside of the first three weeks of the season, I feel like I’ve really played good first base,” assessed Carpenter. “Part of that’s with just getting comfortable over there and continuing to work–I mean, I’m a guy that, I take pride in what I do. It may take longer when I learn a new position. They gave me a year to figure out second base in 2013 and I tried my best to do it. They gave me a year to figure out first and I feel like I’ve done a good job here of late.”

photo credit: Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports, Bill Greenblatt/UPI

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