Cards Win = Blues Loss??

The fans at Busch Stadium were in spirit with their brethren a couple blocks away at Scottrade Center on Friday night as they finished off the National Anthem with the home of the “Bluuuuuues”.

Later, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips had a confused look as his usual jeers and boos suddenly turned to cheers in the middle of his at-bat. The scoreboard had changed to show the Blues second goal, which momentarily gave them lead over the Blackhawks.

But in the end, it was the Cardinals enjoying a home run fest to beat Cincinnati 14-3. The Blues lost to Chicago 3-2.

Always seems to work that way, right? If the Cardinals win, the Blues lose. If the Blues win, it’s a loss for the Cardinals.

In fact, there’s some truth to that feeling.

Going back over the last three seasons, the Blues have played in 17 playoff games in which the Cardinals have also had a game that day or night. Counting tonight, the Cardinals have gone 14-3 in those games. The Blues are 6-11.


4/30 Blues win 2-1 in OT to LAK…Cards win 2-1
5/2 Blues win 2-1…Cards win 6-5
5/4 Blues lose 1-0…Cards win 7-6
5/6 Blues lose 4-3…Cards win 5-4
5/10 Blues lose 2-1…Cards win 3-0


4/17 Blues win 4-3 in 3 OT at CHI…Cards win 8-0 over WAS
4/19 Blues win 4-3 OT…Cards win 4-3
4/21 Blues lose 2-0…Cards lose 2-0
4/23 Blues lose 4-3 OT…Cards lose 3-2
4/25 Blues lose 3-2 OT…Cards win 1-0
4/27 Blues lose 5-1…Cards win 7-0


4/16 Blues lose 4-2 vs MIN…Cards win 4-0 over MIL
4/18 Blues win 4-1…Cards win 5-2 over CIN
4/22 Blues win 6-1…Cards win 7-5
4/24 Blues lose 4-1…Cards win 3-0
4/26 Blues lose 4-1…Cards lose 6-3

photo credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

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