Cardinals Change Medical Staff

After sixteen years, the St. Louis Cardinals are separating from  Dr. George Paletta and Dr. Lyndon Gross, announcing the pair will no longer provide medical services to the team. Instead, the Cardinals will now use a team of Mercy Sports Medicine physicians to provide comprehensive player care.

“The Mercy Sports Medicine model allows us to improve the level of innovative care available to our team by tapping into a remarkable team of physicians who are leaders in sports medicine,” said John Mozeliak, Sr. VP & General Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals in a press release. “The biggest change I see with the approach is that it is truly a team model – a model that leverages the strengths of multiple physicians within the Mercy Sports Medicine group.  This is a strategic plan that will handle our short-term needs, but also focus on long-term goals.”

“While we move to this new model, we want to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Paletta and Dr. Gross for the outstanding care they have provided our players over the years,” Mozeliak said.

Paletta, who assisted with the New York Mets prior, arrived in St. Louis for the 1998 season,

The Mercy Sports Medicine team supporting the Cardinals includes orthopedic surgeon Michael J. Milne, MD, who is board certified and fellowship trained in shoulder and knee surgery. The Cardinals’ lead internist will be Mercy Clinic physician Jason Hand, MD. Mercy Clinic Sports Medicine physician Brian Mahaffey, MD, will serve as primary care, sports medicine and minor league liaison.

Other members of the Cardinals’ Mercy medical team include orthopedic surgeon David King, MD; orthopedic surgeon Timothy Farley, MD; orthopedic surgeon Jason Browdy, MD; independent concussion specialist Brandon Larkin, MD, and injury and performance specialist Clayton Skaggs, DC.

Mercy is the Official Medical Provider for the St. Louis Cardinals organization and also provides care for the Cardinals’ minor league teams, with on-site care for the AA team in Springfield, Mo.  Players with the AAA club in Memphis, Tenn., and A-ball programs in three other cities will have any necessary surgeries performed at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. The Mercy medical team is also available to provide second opinions on these players.

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