Camp Notes: Matheny Returns

(Jupiter, FL) After missing the last two days as a result of the flu, Mike Matheny is back in uniform with the St. Louis Cardinals and ready to manage his team this afternoon against Houston.

“Yeah, I didn’t like being away, but it was the right thing to do,” said Matheny, who was able to watch both games at home.

After Michael Wacha, pitchers Mike Mayers, Austin Gomber, Jonathan Broxton, Miguel Socolovich, Mitch Harris, and Ryan Sherriff are available out of the bullpen.


–Seung Hwan Oh has yet to arrive back in camp, but is still expected later this afternoon. Oh had been competing with Korea in the World Baseball Classic.

–Jordan Schafer, who left yesterday’s game with tightness in his left forearm, was wearing a compression sleeve this morning and will be re-evaluated later today.

“Just kind of keep watching him, we’re going to get him looked at a little more closely,” said Matheny. “It seemed to be more in the forearm than anything that would typically indicate bigger issues.”

“You have to figure, the guy’s been a position player that’s used to throwing mainly four-seamers and now he’s trying to cut and sink and torque on a ball. Eventually, it’s going to have some sort of ramifications.”

–Tomorrow is an off-day for the Cardinals, but a couple of players will still come in for work–including Lance Lynn.

“Just so we stay on track, I think he’s going to throw a little bit tomorrow but that will be it,” said Matheny. “Probably just take a couple guys maybe or another guy doing a live and kind of do and off and on with him.”

Staying on track–and keeping players fresh is something the Cardinals have taken into consideration with three weeks still left in the Spring Training schedule.

“Yesterday, we showed up late,” pointed out Matheny. “Just trying to mix those in, that’s the second time we’ve done that–where it’s almost a show and go. Try to be aware. I think in the middle we try to do that, between tomorrow’s off day and the following. Just making sure that guys getting their rest and then we push at the end and make sure we walk out at the end clicking on all cylinders.”

The session for Lynn will take the place of his next start as Mike Leake will start on Wednesday at Fort Meyers against Minnesota.

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