Blanked in Garcia’s Return

The quick assessment would be one mistake–one bad pitch that Cincinnati’s Joey Votto hit over the wall in center for a 3-run homer. But St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia goes back two previous hitters, when he allowed Reds pitcher Mike Leake to reach base.

“He’s a good hitting pitcher, but I think that’s the pitch I beat myself down the most–it was that 0-2 hit he got,” said Garcia. “It should’ve never happened. Especially 0-2 with the pitcher, I don’t care how good he swings the bat. A couple other guys that did what they did, it’s part of the game. But that should never happen, I should never have allowed that to happen.”

Overall, Garcia looked impressive in his return from the disabled list (groin strain) as he allowed just one hit through five innings.

“He was rolling–that was impressive to watch through five,” commented Mike Matheny. “Obviously, you look back at the home run pitch, but he made a lot of good pitches up until to that point.”

“Just the way he was going about it–getting quick outs, getting bad swings. He was using everything, changeup was real good today and used the curveball a little bit but it was just trusting that sinker and trusting his defense and guys made plays.”

“A little bit, but not much,” said Garcia about any positive takeaway from his return. “Bottom line is at the end of the game, we lost the game and I didn’t make a pitch when I had to make a pitch in that big situation. It cost us the game.”

Leake was equally tough on the Cardinals offense–allowing just four hits in eight innings pitched and keeping the Cardinals off the board for their seventh shutout against this season.

photo credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

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