Belisle Already Benefitting

(Jupiter, FL) When he first signed with the St. Louis Cardinals, Matt Belisle could not have been more excited to have joined the club. Now a few days into Spring Training, the pitcher is even more excited as he’s already benefitting from the move with some help to correct some tipping in his pitches.

“I used to watch the Cardinals starters all go out to the bullpen when I was on opposing teams and thought that was great,” began Belisle. “Only now do I start understand why we’re doing that and the focus that each person is putting in to be accountable to their teammates to make sure that we’re staying consistent on our deliveries.”

2-22-15 Waino-EldredWith a couple of small modifications to his delivery this off-season, Belisle asked to be watched during his bullpen session on Sunday. Adam Wainwright happily obliged and quickly pointed out some inconsistencies.

“I know Waino’s been good at that and he was glad to help,” said Matt. “I wasn’t doing anything too major, even if it’s really slight I’m going to ask people to check things all year because it’s not something you do now and assume it’s good the rest of the way.”

The Cardinals have long had a reputation for being able to read pitchers with Jim Edmonds and Chris Carpenter being among some of the best at it. Pitchers spend time as early as Spring Training learning how to study and read their teammates as well as the opposition. That is not the case in every organization.

“You bet,” answered Belisle on leaving a game against the Cardinals with the feeling the batters had picked up on his stuff. “Every year, every day you have to try and want to find something else to hone in on. I’m excited because that’s something I can tighten up in my own personal delivery. I can get better at looking at in others and maybe I can get great at watching an opponent to help a hitter. Anything to help win a ballgame. And if I’m not doing my job with it, I’m going to help lose a ballgame. I love it. I love everything about what’s going on here.”

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