Reyes Has Surgery

Meeting today with a specialist for a second opinion on his injured lat, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Alex Reyes received confirmation that the strain was significant in nature.

“Based on that exam and the understanding that the longer–there was some fraying between the lat, the tendon, and the bone and based on that, they decided to go ahead and do surgery after consulting with our doctors,” began General Manager Michael Girsch. “He had surgery to reattach the tendon to the bone. The good news is that when they went it the tendon it was partially frayed. It wasn’t completely torn off, which means there’s good flow, which means it’s very optimistic for recovery. But the recovery time from a surgery like this is on the order of six months before he’s back out on the mound.”

A full recovery is expected for Reyes, who will spend the next few days with his family in New Jersey and then return to St. Louis to begin his rehab. He is expected to be ready to go for Spring Training in 2019.

Today’s visit with the specialist was initially an exam and consultation, but the Cardinals were aware the surgery could be an immediate possibility.

“Our understanding was that when the tendon is torn away from the bone, the longer you wait the more problematic it is for recovery,” continued Girsch. “We expected that if everyone agreed, we would probably go ahead today and get it done.”

The examination and surgery was performed by Dr. Anthony Romeo.

The Cardinals now have the option of moving Reyes to the 60-day disabled to create an extra roster spot, however, that move has yet to be made.

photo credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

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