Molina Recovering Well

Hours after having surgery yesterday evening, St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina is not only recovering at home but already progressing better than expected.

“I was expecting him to come in like in a wheelchair or a little help, so I went over to the door and when I saw him, he was walking,” shared Bengie Molina, who had been at the hospital the night before and was then at his little brother’s house this morning. “He was walking and he didn’t want a wheelchair, he didn’t want anything. He said he had power, he’s gonna walk.”

Part of the Spanish broadcast team for the Cardinals, Bengie was in the radio booth when Yadi had to leave the game after a 102mph fastball was foul tipped into his groin area.

“We had a bad angle, we were looking from behind,” said Bengie. “I thought it was his hand, but I never saw him shake his hand so I thought, no it had to be the knee. Then we had the replay and–it wasn’t pretty. I’ve been hit five, six times over 20 years, which is nothing. But I broke my cup a couple of times, lucky enough, nothing like this.”

Like Bengie, who enjoyed catching for 13 seasons in the big leagues, Mike Matheny also knew first hand from his time behind the plate what Yadi was dealing with.

“I had one like that,” said Matheny. “Made a trip to the hospital. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt. I could tell when we were out there that–you’re always just hoping it’s one of those that takes a couple of minutes and then it’s manageable. But you could see that was a different level and then we’re worried for him.”

The incident occurred in the top of the 9th inning. After several minutes trying to gather himself, Molina slowly walked off the field under his own power. Soon after, team trainer Adam Olsen recommended to doctors that Yadi undergo a few tests which led to the surgery a couple of hours later.

“They had to go in because of the pressure,” explained Bengie, who had posted a tweet asking for prayers from Cardinals Nation for his brother. “They did a drainage on him to release the pressure. Too bad it wasn’t in a different area. For a man, it’s very difficult area.”

Officially, Molina underwent surgery for a pelvic injury with traumatic hematoma and is not expected to be back in action for the next few weeks.

“This first week is going to be very quiet for him,” said John Mozeliak. “Then slowly start to work himself back in to hopefully, this is something that will be about a month.”

“Really, we’ll just sort of take each day as it goes. Hopefully, it’s not too long but clearly we’re going to be without him for a portion of the season.”

Based on his track record and already being up on his feet, no one would be surprised if Molina tries to return before those four weeks have gone by.

“I was talking to the doctors and I told him, hey man, you’re going to have to cuff him down somewhere,” said Bengie. “I bet you anything, one week is going to go by before the trainers going to be like nope, you can’t run. Nope, you can’t lift. Nope, you can’t–I bet you anything, but that’s just him.”

“He always feels bad that he’s not able to be here, that’s just kind of how he’s wired,” echoed Matheny.

“Yadi’s a tough kid,” added Bengie before ending the conversation with a laugh. “I’ve only known two tough guys in my life. One, is my dad and the other guy’s him. I’m sorry, Jose but…I’m just kidding–he’s the third.”

Like his brothers, Jose Molina has an MLB resume with a pair of World Series rings earned during his 15 seasons.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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